All Lined Up

BB was still off school today as it is an in service day for teachers.  That meant I had another day off work.  I had no plans, apart from sorting BB out for Halloween.  BB doesn’t do dressing up, but still likes the idea of all things Halloween – though he is quite reluctant about the whole thing (remember last year).  A couple of weeks ago he came home and said he wanted to go to both the school and the cubs Halloween parties and that he wanted to dress up.  I had looked on line, but hadn’t really found what he wanted at a reasonable price, so today we scoured a few supermarkets to see what they had in the way of (cheap) costumes.  We finally found something kind of like what he wanted, but there was too much adornment.  He didn’t want it.  That was his last chance as I will be at work for the rest of the week and the parties are on Thursday.  In a desperate search through a lot of Halloween tat, I did find some Halloween t-shirts hiding at the back of a rail.  After some persuasion he reluctantly said that it would do.   Time will tell.

Apart from that not much else has happened today.  We went for a walk along the cliffs at Dunbar this afternoon and then round by the harbour, stopping at a couple of play parks en route.  It was chilly, but it was nice to look over the Firth of Forth, past the Isle of May, to the East Neuk of Fife – where we spent last week.

Back to school/work tomorrow.

The boats at Dunbar are all lined up in the inner harbour.  The building is McArthur's Store - one of the oldest continuously used harbour buildings in Scotland.

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