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By walkingMarj

The ballet dancers

Fuchsias always make me think of ballet dancers. This hardy variety grows in a neighbour's garden in the village.

I was on my way to the GP surgery for one of those annual check ups. "A job lot" said the nurse!  She was a stand-in because the practice nurse I always see is off sick, so she was surprised at my very low blood pressure.

I was deemed old enough to have both 'flu and pneumonia jabs, so both arms are sore.

Tonight I was called on stage in the production of Whose Sari Now? at the Queens Hall. The actor - a brilliant woman who kept us mesmerised for one and a half hours - wanted a high caste woman for the hand woven sari she was folding. She grabbed me by the left shoulder and I hope I did not wince too much, but she wanted me to massage her shoulder for her! My friend Liz had been on stage before, but was rejected as being low caste!!

The play was at times funny, but also very poignant and powerful.

The performance is touring so catch it if you can.

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