Trick or...

Trick or treat? With this girl every time's a Treat! :-) 
Morrigan wears her Autumn finest under dappled sunlight.

The wheel of the year turns, and once more we arrive at Samhain. It doesn't feel quite there yet; the land is still so full of life and warmth and colour. Nevertheless, the commercial remembrance of Halloween is in full swing, and everything in the shops is in orange and black, reflecting the golden leaves and black moist earth of autumn.

I suspect in ancient times this was not so much a time of remembering the dead as mocking Death. Winter was just around the corner, and many would not survive the cold. Cooking the animals they could not feed through the wintertime, a final party around the fires. Scary tales of death, and of those who had passed into mystery. And honouring the names of those gone before, in the hope their own name might be remembered. 

For what is remembered, lives. Hail, ancestors.
Brian, Rose, Fred, Hannah, Frances, Daisy, Terry, Mike, and on and on.

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