An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Flashing my Skants...


Today I learned that a slab of granite is also known as a skant.  

I found this out after receiving a rather alarming text from David informing me that he would would be late home from work as he was online admiring Helen's skants!  

Turns out Helen, the kitchen designer, had emailed us photos of the slabs of granite that will be our new kitchen worktops, for our approval.  

Well I have now also admired Helen's skants and informed her that we do indeed approve and she can go ahead and get them ordered.  Another step closer to completion.

The plasterers arrived today and have been busy plastering (funny that ;-)  Johnny the foreman said we would notice a big difference in the kitchen and David confirmed he did (I can't see it as still no access from inside the house)

We went out for dinner to a local coffee shop that is now serving food in the evening.  This was their first night and we were the only people there.  The place it tiny though so it didn't feel too bad and the staff are lovely.  Very friendly.  And the food was good so no complaints other than the restaurant was a bit cold as for some reason, there won't be any heating until tomorrow.

I'm not sure if we are the age of clientele they are expecting or if they select the music depending on the average age of their diners, but we certainly enjoyed the 80s fest that was playing in the background.  I think I even sang out loud at one point, but so did the owner and the waitress so I was in good company.

We'll be back.

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