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By Damnonii

Happy Houseversary...


I can't quite believe it's been 5 years to the day since we got the keys to our house.  It really has been the fastest 5 years ever.   Took a little moment before I got up this morning to remember how it felt waking up that morning, knowing the wheels for our move were finally set in motion.

We have loved every minute of living here, not just in this house, but in this little town and I am delighted that the "grand scheme of things" work that we dreamed of doing to the house then, is hurtling towards its completion.

After that thoughtful start to the day, the rest of it was fairly frenetic surprise surprise.  Everyone seemed to need my attention "for a wee minute" that ended up being slightly longer.

Discussions with the builder boss man about pool step tiles, the electrician about switch locations in the kitchen, unexpected visit from the guy in charge of the tv and sound system (just to see how the job's getting on) delivery of specialist light cable that was holding the electrician up (took an extra day to deliver because apparently geographically, we are part of the Highlands and Islands.  We're 45 minutes north of Glasgow FFS!) plaster in the hall plastering over the old door opening (it's great fun eating your breakfast cereal at your kitchen table under the stairs whilst a plasterer slaps plaster on the wall 10 feet from you), phone call to complain that the safety side on Alan's bed is still not fixed, despite it supposedly being repaired three times.  I had to use my I am not happy voice, which I hate having to do, but it worked and after a phone call from the service manager (full of apologies) and a visit from the bed service engineer to confirm the fault lies with the bed and not the safety side, it was agreed the Community Nurse will visit on Monday and (hopefully) sanction a new bed.

All that before lunch!  :-))

David was out singing for his supper again tonight, so it was a microwave stroganoff for me on a paper plate (woo hoo!) and feet up to watch Landscape Painter of the Year.

I know how to live :D  

PS The doorway tiles aren't usually so filthy and the leaves are usually swept up but I've given up as the builders boots just trail mess all over the tiles again within 5 minutes (their skip is situated just to the left of this and they stand at the doorway to chuck stuff in it.) 

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