Some days a lot happens...

A wonderful make up and hair artist called Tony came to my hotel room at midnight and did a great job on my hair and make up and we had a hoot in the process, he also came to the club with me and helped get me in and out of my dress and get my boots on and off!
About 2.30 Chris Willis and I sang at Mynt Lounge's 15th anniversary here in Miami beach, the club was absolutely heaving!
We said our goodbyes to Chris and Anthony who were heading off to the airport and Bob and I sat in my apartment drinking pink Champagne and chatting until 8 AM, there was a lot to catch up on!

After a fairly good sleep Bob picked me up about 5 PM and took me to Wynwood which is the artists district, the closest thing we have two in the London is Brick Lane but this is just a massive, block after block of street art and art galleries and amazing restaurants and cafes and bars and clubs, we wondered and out of galleries, There was so much to see and Bob says I've only seen a tiny part of it!
We had a lovely dinner and his friends restaurant and then we went to Mac's Bar, I think Bob says it has the oldest liquor license in Miami, Mac only died fairly recently aged 101 and was serving at the bar the night before he passed!
We also stopped off at his office so I could see where he works, I've been here a few times but this is the first time I've really had a proper look around.
It's really been an amazing day and when I get home I will post an album of the photographs from my camera.
Bob came up for a night cap and we listened to some music, we never seem to run out of things talk about, he is so lovely.

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