An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Big Bath...

Got a shock when I heard male voices coming from the kitchen at 8.15am. I had completely forgotten some of the builders were coming in today.  Thomas to continue tiling the wetroom, Lewis to frame out and hang the utility room door and some internal window sills and Tony to tidy up and general labouring.

Alan has finished the antibiotic today and his stomach is still all over the place.  Hope it calms down over the next 2-3 days.  He's still cheerful and wants to drink and have tummy milk, so I'm more certain than ever it's not the colitis causing the upset tummy.  

David, despite being absolutely loaded with the cold again, dug out the living room (all the tile samples we've accrued as well as the contents of the hall cupboard were dumped there) then moved furniture around to make way for the Christmas tree.  

Every year since we moved here we've bought our Christmas tree from a local haulage contractor (a little seasonal sideline for him.)   David went to collect it today and got chatting with the guy about the haulage business and before he knew what was happening, he was invited into the cabin of one of their massive lorries to see what it felt like and see the facilities.   He was full of it when he got back!  They have beds, fridges, microwave and telly!!  A boyhood wish fulfilled I think!  :-))

After all that excitement he was too exhausted to put the tree up.  That will have to wait till tomorrow.

I spent the entire day doing online Christmas shopping.  The back of it has definitely been broken.  Only problem is deliveries have started arriving and there's so much stuff lying about, I just know stuff is going to get lost.  Need to get it all sorted out at the start of the week.

No photos taken today till I had a wander through to the pool room to see what's been happening today.  The pool starts getting tiled on Monday so all the scaffolding has been removed along with all the debris that was lying in it.   It's the first time I've seen it entirely empty and the first time I could actually imagine water in it.  Quite a difference from HERE.  Although reading that blip I see we were dealing with his last finger bite.  Some thing don't change!

Just realised that shot was taken exactly six months ago.  Seems like 5 minutes, which I suppose is a good thing.   Won't be long now (repeat as often as necessary!) 

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