Little Miss Owl

I met Mrs B at Bicester Village this morning. It's been ages since I've seen her and it was as lovely as ever to catch up. We did a bit of shopping and then went for tea in Pret. And stocked up on sugar sachets.
I bought Miss E a bargain necklace in Links - a silver E on a lovely chain. Her first proper grown up jewellery.
Then I had to dash home for a quick lunch and then to Miss L's school for the long awaited first performance of her Christmas play. 
Annoyingly school has only allocated two tickets per performances and we needed one for me, Mr K, his mum, my mum and dad. 
I thought I'd go along today with Mr K and his mum and see if they'd let me in, making it nice and simple for my mum and dad tomorrow.
I took my book in case I ended up sitting in the car for an hour!
As we drove up there were people on the door taking tickets but as luck would have it when we got there they'd disappeared and I sneaked in. Health and Safety be damned!!!
I sat at the back with Mrs A, Mr S and the lovely Baby H and looked at their programme as only ticket holders were allowed one!!
The play was Born in a Barn and featured lots of farm animals telling the story of the nativity. Miss L was an owl and she was ace!! She had loads of lines and did brilliantly. I was so proud of her!!
It was a good job she had loads of lines and spent lots of time standing up because as soon as she sat down she disappeared behind all the inn doors who were sat in front of her!!!
The play was so sweet - so many fabulous songs and all the children looking so cute in their costumes. Just brilliant!!
After a mince pie or two we headed off to get Miss E and then drop Mr K and Nanny at home before heading to Milton Keynes for rock climbing. Miss L wrote her Christmas cards - less eagerly than last week! - and eventually got them finished. I bribed her with a Scotch egg from M&S!

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