Spa Day

My mum and I had a Spa day at Woburn Centerparcs today. It was fabulous!!
Its been nearly three years since we went for a spa day in the Cotswolds. Definitely too long!
It was a bit fraught this morning as mum was late to ours and it was way past the time we needed to leave to get the Little Misses to school on time. I'd just told them to get into my car for Mr K to take when Mum turned up. All a bit hideous. 
But we dropped them off eventually and then were on our way!
This year is the first year that we're not going to Centerparcs for the Winter Wonderland since Miss E was one. When they first started school they used to break up early enough to go while it was still cheap but now they  break up too late. It makes me sad to miss it this year. 
But at least I got to go in today and have a little taste of the magic!!
On arrival we had tea and our choice of pastry or cake. I had the most delicious English Breakfast tea that I've had for ages. Posh Twinings loose leaf teabags!! And a lemon muffin which was scrummy too!
The it was into the spa for a few hours going from steam room to sauna to relaxation room to waterbed to outdoor pool to foot spa to meditation room to ice room to thunder and rain shower! It was wonderful!
There are six areas: blossom, herbal, fire and ice, mineral, salt, and sensory.
We hadn't done a fraction of it by the time we went for our lunch at 1pm!
My fishcake and salad was delicious. And more of that amazing tea!
Then it was back in for another four hours of relaxation!!
The time just evaporated!
It was fabulous swimming outside when it got dark. The pool was that lovely milky blue pools go at night when they're lit up and the steam was rising. Bit nippy getting out though - we had to keep dashing straight in to the toasty hot saunas!!
We eventually left at about 6.30pm. Technically we should have left at 6pm but we're always the last to leave anywhere!! We were chatting about how we like to get the last drop out of these experiences. And our money's worth!!
What a lovely day. We mustn't leave it three years before doing it again!

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