Archie on the Stairs

Performance number two of Miss L's Christmas play today. 
It was in the morning this time and Miss L was disgusted to discover she wasn't coming home with us afterwards!!
After dropping Miss L off at the door I waited for my mum and dad to arrive so I could give them their tickets. My dad didn't come so I stayed to watch it again with my mum which was an unexpected treat!!
And I needn't have stressed so much yesterday about not having enough tickets for all of us......
It was just as sweet as yesterday!!
Then it was home to Archie who I hadn't intended to leave for so long. He was curled up in his bed and not bothered. I don't intend to leave him alone much but it's such a relief that he's OK to be left for short periods.
It was Mr K's first day at his new job today. Good because it means we're not out on the streets yet, bad because I've got used to having him around and I missed him!
Archie missed him too, spending much of the morning on the bottom step looking sad!!
My day was spent researching prices and blurb for my latest attempt at setting up an Etsy shop. I always love the research but need to actually get a bit further this time!!
Mr K enjoyed his first  day. He loves Oxford and is clearly happy as Larry to be working right in the centre! 

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