Us and a Tree

We went to pick up our Christmas tree today. We always go to a local tree farm that has real reindeer, ride on tractors and a fab Christmas barn crammed full of beautiful decorations and goodies. When we got there this afternoon there was even a huge brass band playing carols which was fantastically Christmassy!!
We chose our tree and the Little Misses chose a decoration each. Nothing says Christmas like a bluebird and a fir cone hedgehog!!
I chose a more traditional gold berry garland and an angel.
Mr K wanted to buy some pheasant feathers to "stick in a bowl or something" but thankfully he put them back when I pointed out that the only bowls we own are for cereal or made of plastic!! 
We'd gone in two cars so there was room for the tree so while Mr K took the Little Misses home I went to Tescos and bought veg to go with our roast dinner.
Then it was home to cook the dinner - a delicious lamb joint, roast potatoes and gallons of gravy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!
We broke our tree stand trying to wedge in the beast of a tree and then Mr K broke the hacksaw trying to make the trunk a bit smaller. Sigh.
We found a spare stand in the garage but it's a flimsy plastic one and won't support the weight of the tree so it's currently listing towards the wall with a backpack full of miscellaneous electrical objects (part of Mr K's collection of routers, hard drives, wires and other unidentifiable things) on top of the base to weigh it down. Not quite the festive triumph I had envisaged!!

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