A New Masterpiece

Today I was rather busy with a project I wish I wasn't doing. So I was grateful to have such a beautiful sunset on our very simple walk around the park. The thing about sunsets is that each one is unique. The sun goes down every day and yet every day is different. A brand new canvas. The same artist and the same ingredients. But a totally new masterpiece. I can't help but be in awe every time and to be so thankful for the beauty. I feel truly blessed.

Right after our walk we ended up at the Vet for Dolly to have her checkup after her op 9 days ago. She is a bit of a celebrity there and even the receptionist comes right out of her office and sits down on the floor with her feeding her treats (see Extra photo). I asked if they had any other dogs as old or older than Dolly (17) and was told that they didn't. No wonder they love her. We are so grateful for their loving and expert care.

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