Tiny Tuesday

I had good intentions when I set out this morning with Wendy to go to Teddy Roosevelt Island.  I was taking two cameras, one with the 150-600 mm lens and another with a macro, because it is Tiny Tuesday and I am the host so surely I needed to post something tiny.  When we arrived there in Wendy's car, I realized I had left my bag with the camera and macro lens in my car.  I tried to shoot a few tiny things with the telephoto lens, but it was very difficult because it is so heavy.  The best I could do was this tiny seedhead, which is heavily cropped.  The lens is much better suited for bird shots and so I have added a female redwing blackbird in the extras.  I was especially pleased with this shot. 

Thanks to everyone who has joined in the challenge this week.  I have a very early morning flight tomorrow and will be away until next week so I may not get my hearts posted until Friday.  

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