The indignity of it!

So far, I've managed to escape the indignity of having my car clamped, unlike this poor chap I spotted at Clontarf Road DART station when I got back to pick up my car this morning (well, afternoon, actually, since I was running a bit late for the music session after last night's party and the apres-party drinks).

I'd been a little bit anxious about leaving the car here overnight because it had been here that it had its argument with the minibus which damaged the left front and involved me in an insurance claim. My car was fine when I got back, but this guy had fallen foul of the new Pay & Display policy which was recently stupidly introduced at railway station car parks. It's only 2 euro for 24 hours, but it's still the principle that counts, and it certainly doesn't seem to be the right way to encourage motorists to use public transport if you charge them for parking. This guy either didn't see the warning signs or decided to take a chance. Silly boy.

Today's music session was followed by our annual Christmas Quiz. Bernard hosts this each year and spends a lot of time and effort working on it. It was especially good this year because I just happened to be on the winning team. A bit of Christmas cheer followed. I was back home by 7.30 pm, keen for a bit of rest and relaxation.

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