One-Armed Bandit

We spent most of the day at home with #4 watching football, and educating and assisting with some household maintenance.  In the afternoon, we went downtown to visit the “Mob Museum” which is in an old courthouse where some of the Kefauver hearings about the mob were held in the 50's.  It was a fascinating place, with lots of interesting information about the origins of the mob, its evolution and growth into bootlegging, prostitution and drugs, and the mob’s involvement in Las Vegas Casinos. 

This old slot machine, on display at the museum, is so different from the newer high tech machines that now fill the casinos. If I were a gambler, which I am not, this would be more my speed.  Put the coin in, pull the arm….. put another coin in, etc. The newer ones look so intimidating, as if they should require some skill to operate them, but of course, they do not.  They are really just more of the same but with lots of lights and sound effects. Put some money in, push some buttons…lose your money.  Repeat. 

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