Merry Christmas

Still, at 7.30pm, it is in full flow, so I'll make this brief!

Woke at 7am and Father Christmas had been, leaving stockings on the end of each of the 'childrens' beds. Even Dan, who is on the sofa bed downstairs. He's clever that Santa.

Opened stockings on the end of our bed. It's tradition, and although Dan protested that they wouldn't all fit, we did it anyway!

Down stairs for more present exchanges. Everyone was very happy with their gifts. Took dogs for a brief walk, fed up the cat, chickens and bearded dragon, then left for Hoddesdon.

A 2 and a half hour drive, and we joined with this lot for the remainder of the day! Lovely dinner, fun, drinks, a surprise visit from Kevin with his 3 children, and Aunty Sue, who have spent the day with Louise and family.

We played our pass the parcel, but are saving our home made crackers for tea time! Now we are playing 'Outburst' - a pretty old game, but a fun one with a big group. Making room for more food later!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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