Boat Building

I spent much of the day with Nora, my sister-in-law, in Anacortes. She invited me to join her for a holiday special at the spa in the Majestic Hotel. We met at 1:00 and started our time together with lunch at the A Town Bistro. I had some of the very best clam chowder ever. It was full of delicious clams in their shells and was made to order just before they brought it to me. It was scrumptious. We also shared a salad. Afterwards we were so full a short walk was in order. So we walked along Commercial Street and down to where the shipbuilding area is. There were several large ships in the midst of repair or refurbishing. I love the colors and the complexity of industrial scenes. So of course I had to take lots of photos.

After our walk we went to the spa and started with a steam bath. Then I had a massage and Nora had a body wrap. It was delightful. Cathy focused on my neck and shoulders and it felt so good. 

After our treatments we went to visit my brother Dave at the Kiwanis shop and then headed back to Dave and Nora's house where their little Havanese, Dexter, was waiting for us in his carrier. He was there to protect him from disturbing the many stitches from an operation. It was so good to see him lively. He had been very sick due to the fact that he ate a piece of clear plastic and it punctured his intestines. It was difficult to diagnose so he was a very sick puppy when they did finally figure out what was wrong. It required a large operation that took place about four days ago. Fortunately he is recovering well.

By then it was time to drive back to Bellingham and meet Arvin at Silverado. He had dinner there and was sitting with three other folks when I got there. He seemed to be enjoying himself and he introduced me to his table mates.

We headed home and soon Steve joined us for a couple of games of Carcassonne. We had both been missing the game so it was good to be playing again. When Steve left both Arvin and I were ready for bed even though it was not very late. We both had full days.

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