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The Designer Bag Project

Another example of mum's creative textile work.  I found this tucked in among some pieces of fabric.  I've found a lot of bags and this one is about as elaborate and detailed as they get.  I vaguely remember her talking about making bags and I wonder if some of them were created for a small selling event that she was involved in with a friend who is also now deceased.  I'm beginning to think I've got the makings of a stall that could be set up to raise money for Barnsley Hospice.  I need to talk to their fundraiser.  If it was offered on somewhere like Etsy or Folksy, what do you think might be a reasonable asking price?

Haircut this morning (well lunchtime) but fortunately we beat the crowds arriving for the Barnsley home game.  We tried Rob Royd for lunch but were disappointed as they were closing at 2pm and the cafe had already stopped serving.  It's a good place to purchase treats to bring home though.  Having a quiet few minutes now and feeling tired - I've been awake since 4am!  I guess I'll feel a nap coming on before too long.

Oh and I got my RPS magazine today with the Yorkshire Newsletter - it features my article about going for my LRPS.  I might post on FB.

A Happy New Year to everyone.

p.s. I didn't manage a photo but we counted 12 long-tailed tits in the front garden this morning.

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