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By KeithKnight

August Challenge - Fresh - Ready to use

Day 25 of Missymoos challenge - Fresh: Take a photo of something fresh. Like fresh food, or the weather {if it's fresh} or something cool {"That's fresh!"}

A fairly normal Saturday for me - shopping, washing, etc. On my way into Asda today they were selling whole fresh pineapples. I had already been thinking of making a cheesecake this weekend, so this gave me the final nudge.

Here is part of my fresh pineapple, all ready to be used for my cheesecake (and maybe some will just get eaten, straight, as it comes).

Could it be fresher, well if I lived where they were grown it could. I will feel guilty about the food miles as I eat it, but all the other ingredients for the cheesecake are UK sourced, so not too guilty.

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