By Missycat

Sleeping beauty

Today is as usual my day with Violet, my alternative flower on Friday.  This week we seem to have got properly back into our routine after the long festive period.  Violet assisted with the cleaning chores  and had a quiet time watching Cbeebies (in place of a nap) before set out for Tumble Tots.  During the morning it had begun to snow again, quite heavily although not settling.  I spent some time getting the covers on her buggy before setting out, to avoid having to stand out in the cold doing it at the other end, but by the time we arrived the sky was almost completely blue! There was still a bitter wind though, so our wrapping up wasn't a waste of time.
After a very good session, Violet fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep when I transferred her at home to the cosy bean bag.  Then I couldn't resist getting my camera out: opportunities to photograph her being still are rare and golden!
So here she is with apologies to Biker Bear for the lack of real flowers: all my indoors bouquets have died, I've had no chance to buy replacements and the garden  just had nothing to offer today.

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