Northern Star

By Lifferz


Tonight I went to a party. It was the first time I have socialised properley in America and met some people Mr H has worked with over the years. I was pretty shattered and the host and his wife made me these things called Jaegerbombs which were very like a wide awake drink. I went from being very sleepy to being quite alert for all of 30 minutes.....falling asleep again, someone noticing and getting me another one of theses drinks...oh dear! I was too tired to get tipsy so they just woke me briefly. I was playing competitive games till 5am (UK time).

The party was a games night meaning everyone was in pairs and had to compete agains lots of other couples in a range of activities. I played tablefootball (was very bad at this), Wii bowling (not bad), Darts (ok- got through to the semi-finals), Biliards (wierd game but got the hang of it in the end) , Air hockey (only managed one round but wow this was an agressive game- I feared for my knuckles) and Pool (did quite ok- got through to the finals, beat the host and hostess (not sure about the etiquette here) and got called a 'pool shark' ha ha ha. I slept like a babay tonight and now feel pretty ok and with it. We parked outside the house behind this car and met a Scottish man at the party I am assuming this is his car! North Carolina is famous for the Wright Brothers taking the first ever flight- hence the bit of the number plate you can just see. It's a green and lush land with tons of trees and horses. Lots of the houses are newish, large and custom built....there are not many 'old' or historic houses that I have seen so I will be on the look out for those. Last night I saw a poster on a signpost as an intersections it said "Lost bird" and there was a picture of like a budgie.....I thought hmmmm....good luck with that. I'm finding it interesting how Mr H talks with ease to everyone here and yet when I try to tell jokes I end up offending people or being eyed with a little suspicion. I've learned I am definately very reliant on my humour as a way of communicating but I am having to reign it in to make myself understood with a few people. Mr H said I am heavy on my humour!

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