Behind the Sock Man

I had the idea yesterday of going into Loughborough to get shots of pedestrians and reflections on wet streets, but it stopped raining and dried out.

We enjoyed the Moroccan lamb dish last evening but it was too watery for my taste. Slow cooker manufacturers urge you to cover the contents with water, whereas for maximum flavour, I don't think you need so much. Slow cooker recipes always seem to generate a lot of fluid. Better luck next time.

After finishing the mounting of all my prints ready for Thursday, I did eventually drive into Loughborough. I used neither walking stick nor supporting bandage on my knee and was able to walk from the Town Hall car park to the Berber Shop and to Boots without difficulty. I still don't trust the knee.

No wet surfaces of interest. I turned my attention to the Sock Man, the statue that sits at the head of the market place. You might spot a bit of motion blur beyond him. Not an exciting photo. Just a different point of view.

Another reason for making the expedition was to try out the Fuji 50-140mm lens mounted on a lighter tripod before travelling to Glencoe. I was relieved that the lens plate was sufficiently tight but am not sure that the tripod could withstand a gust of wind. We'll see.

Aziz is back from Morocco. His demeanour suggests he wishes he was still there. He took the night 'express' from Tangier to Marrakech, sleeping on the train. Remember the Crosby, Stills and Nash number, Train to Marrakech?  That service will cease within a few months as the new high speed trains come into use cutting travel time to four hours. Which seems a bit of a shame. Aziz told me how the colours of the landscape changed as you travelled south. But it wasn't a trip for ladies. The toilets were disgusting.

There's no money to maintain the trains now that they are going to be taken out of service and sold to Senegal.

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