Had a nice lie in.  Had a late breakfast whilst watching the one o'clock news.  Walked down to the village to stock up with fruit from Tesco.

Then it was time to go to slimming club.  Got to the Church Hall and found the queue for weigh in was out of the door.  WOW.  Took ages to get to the front.  Lost 3½  pounds.  ( am now back in my target range ). Yippeee. Stayed for " Image Therapy".  Lots of new members this week added to last weeks new members made us a very large group so it took a long time for our consultant to speak to everyone.  Total weight loss for the group this week was 106 pounds. I won Slimmer of the Week. Yay.  Got a large bag of fruit as a reward ( I now have PLENTY of fruit.)

Had Cajun chicken with cauliflower rice and mushrooms for my tea.  And fruit to follow.

Weather today has been damp and mild.  Rather strange for January.

Took my blip shot as I passed by the football club.  The stormy weather last week has taken the gates off their hinges.  You can't see it but some fencing around the perimeter is also down.  As its " Blue Monday " today I gave the shot a blue tinge.

Steps today - 9,886

( Just been awarded my Sahara Badge - since getting my Fitbit I have walked  2,983 miles - more than the length of the Sahara Desert which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea)

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