Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Ballet Boost Associate

So Carys auditioned successfully yesterday. I told her this morning by showing her the welcome pack. She didn't register what it meant initially but once she asked if it meant she was in and I nodded there was lots of squealing and bouncing around and then a huge hug and the words "Thank you so much for taking me yesterday."

I am so pleased for her, hopefully this will give her more confidence in her ability and be the first step outside of Hitchin for her. Off the back of that I have had to order uniform and another pair of split soles as this requires canvas and no ribbons. Sigh! But at least it means she can have a bag for Russian and a bag for Ballet Boost and only need to share the exercise mat. I also ordered her an anatomy book! Didn't think I would need anatomy books in this house again. I've only just got rid of my Grey's Anatomy book from Uni!

I have also managed to sew on the ribbons to C's split soles. So fiddly. Hope they are right as I don't really want to do that again any time soon.

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