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By walkingMarj

Learning new skills

Mum is still poorly. During the night she needed me and pushed the button to ring a bell to call me. Four times later she realised I had not heard it. I  must have been very deeply asleep! She made her way to the stair lift and came upstairs to make sure I was OK!! (Slight role reversal........)

We had a cuppa at 3 a.m. and settled down again.

I decided this morning that I needed to cancel my party for tomorrow.

This afternoon, I had an hour out walking with Zoe while Annette was at our house with Mum. Zoe keeps developing new skills. As you can see she is perfecting her skills at digging. Once one hole was completed, she started on the next. The second skill was finding small branches to carry around and to chew.

So back home now for a relaxing evening.

I've decided I need a new computer. Mine is running very slowly when I use Photoshop and my DVD drive has died. Any ideas?

I might just mention that today is my (quietly celebrated) 65th birthday.

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