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By walkingMarj

Practising focus stacking

This morning I passed the time in the curiously quiet house by designing and printing posters for the Haltwhistle Spring Walking Festival. They are being sent out with brochures to businesses this week. Booking opens in the morning. I have the web site links all working (I hope) so we are set to roll.

I did a quick food shop before visiting Mum. I also went to Tesco and found a suitable replacement mobile phone for her. Hers went awol a few weeks ago and we believed it would turn up. No joy. Of course she really would have liked to have one with her in hospital.

The new phone is up and running. We have texted each other successfully.

The other three beds in Mum's little ward are now occupied by 3 women who are ill and confused and noisy. It is so sad to see. They shout for the nurse and can't remember where they are or that they have just had medication given. The nurses are absolutely wonderful with them.

Mum told one of the nurses how she admired the way she had sat and very gently and patiently fed one woman at lunchtime. The nurse said "you've made my day" so it was well worth saying.

Hopefully the house will be fully occupied again tomorrow. If she is not discharged I may have to rescue her!!

I have to do some focus stacking for homework. I had a bit of fun with this pussy willow tonight. Do you think there is one or two stems (that is a clue of course)?

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