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Neena and the Lifeboat Station Project

Mum was said to be OK this morning so I went to the Hexham Photography Group workshop in Newton. I was contacted at lunchtime to say she would be transferred to Hexham General this afternoon and I was able to visit her there. She has undoubtedly improved and is longing to come home. Hopefully it won't be more than a day or so more.

Jack Lowe, seen in my blip, is a master printer who has had a change of direction in recent years. You can read about his Lifeboat Station Project by clicking the link. He uses the wet collodion plate method to take his images in large format.

I was enthralled to hear him speak; he is a man who is passionate about his work. He travelled in Neena, the old ambulance he has converted into a wet plate laboratory. The children of the family who previously owned Neena made him promise not to change her name. This week a local sign writer added her name to the vehicle in exchange for one of Jack's prints.

He never "takes" photographs but always "makes" them with the people who are involved. I have decided to change my language and to "make" photographs from now on. I asked Jack if we could make a photograph and he kindly carried his camera outside the hall. He wanted me to included Neena's name.

For a bit of fun - and it may be sacrilege - I have tried to replicate the wet plate look in Photoshop. See extra.

In the afternoon, we all had the chance to show recent work we have been doing, particularly the work for the forthcoming Roots of Tyne exhibition. There was a wide range of styles and ideas. I took 3 images from my Hareshaw Burn series and people liked them and liked the quality of my printing, so I was very happy.

I am shattered. Off to bed I think.

PS Does the name Neena make sense to our US friends?

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