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By walkingMarj

Fisherman at sunset, Inle Lake

This was a long and tiring day, but I have no complaints because we had so many wonderful experiences en route.

After an early breakfast, we flew from Mandalay to Heho. I have to compliment the people of Myanmar on their efficient internal flights. It's like taking a bus. 

On our way by minibus to Inle Lake, we stopped to see a family making Shan umbrellas using traditional techniques and producing mulberry paper.

Our next hotel was as amazing as the last - just beautiful. It's a shame we don't have much time at the hotels, but there is so much else to do.

We visited the weaving village of Inpawkhon. Weaving on large looms but by hand was going on in various houses. I nearly forgot to say that the houses are on stilts and reached by boat. I did my usual trick of wandering a bit farther and was invited into a house by the family you see in one of the extras. One of the sons was married yesterday and I was taken to an upstairs room that had been decorated for this. You see the father, a widower, and his daughters. I do not know how many sons there are.

One daughter, Theingi, spoke some English. She works in a bank. I was keen to send the photos to her and she gave me her Facebook name. Unfortunately there are more than 30 people with the same name and I can't see which is her account. I'm hoping to find a way to send the prints to her.

In the evening we were in two boats on the lake. We saw the famous walking fishermen, who use one foot to steer the oar while they are fishing. The main blip was taken when I was sitting on the floor of the fishing boat (wondering if I would ever get up again) and photographing at sunset. Magical or magical?!

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