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By walkingMarj

Tulip time

I woke this morning with less of a headache but without Broadband. After an hour on the phone to a very polite young man in Kolkata, it was decided that an engineer needed to call. Great. Between 1 and 6pm. Sort of great, except Mum had an appointment at the hand clinic in Newcastle at 11am. They usually run to time, so all good.

Off to Newcastle, where the parking was a challenge, but we were in good time. The clinic however was running very late because the main man, Mum's lovely surgeon, was off sick.

We opted to go into physio to ask if the two hand splints could be adjusted while we waited. Then a further wait. The registrar was delightful and did not make Mum feel that he was in a rush at all. He was pleased with progress and reassured her that more time is normal before full function is restored.

We left at 12noon and so were home by 1pm. I had a couple of paracetamol and a sleep. The OpenReach engineer arrived late afternoon and decided that the problem was with our master phone socket. All is now functioning. Phew. I have missed having no internet very much and I had to back blip yesterday. Please have a look if you have time.

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