I've treated myself to a stay in the lounge at Schiphol. I used to be a platinum FB card holder when we still lived in Singapore, with all the miles we flew back then. Now I 'm a mere Ivory mortal , without any free lounge privileges, but I've still got airmiles ;-) Celebrating going to Scotland, going to a Burns Supper tomorrow, seeing my friend L. on Monday. Just having fun with GoArt and RollWorld and a quick iPad snapshot of the lounge for Abstract Thursday, making the nice lounge looking even more colourful and festive.

I'm asking all who join in on AT today to help pick this weeks 5 most remarkable entries, please pick your favourite three entries and post them in the comments on my journal in tomorrow's or Saturday's entry. Thanks very much in advance. I'll make a link to the whole collection of entries here as soon as I'm in Scotland and on the laptop, can't copy and paste from the iPad. If you're looking for them meanwhile search for #AT83 via the search button.
Here's the link to all the AT83 entries

And thank you for your visits, comments and stars for my CNY decorations yesterday :-)

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