Wooden Door

It was a cold a frosty morning, and thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long for our train this morning.  I seemed to spend my day wading through papers, trying to get on top of things.  Very late in the afternoon I received an urgent request for something, which meant I had to stay later than I planned, and will have to go in early tomorrow morning.

The boys were at BB’s football training when I got home, so I went out for a run.  Unfortunately I got caught out with a road closure and ended up having to run along the edge of a football pitch, and then scramble through a hedge (in the dark) to bypass the closed section of road.

I have just been doing some preparatory work for tomorrow – and I am hopeful that I have most of the information.  Everything takes twice as long when you are the new girl, and you are never too sure.
I did manage out for some fresh air at lunchtime.  This door is part of the Old Royal High School complex.  I wonder what lies behind it?  And what is the significance of the G's?

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