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More focus stacking

Our days are pretty busy at the moment, because more people want to come and see Mum now she is improving. They were kind enough to stay away when she was really poorly, which was great.

At times today it felt like Paddington Station (now why do we use that expression I wonder?).

Part of the problem was that I was slow to rise, feeling very tired after the Brundibár concert last night. Then Liz arrived so we all had a good chat.

The boiler went off again. I'm not paying the bill until I'm sure it's OK.

Annette arrived. I was trying to photograph this gorgeous hellibore, brought by Pauline yesterday. She had generously cut three stems from the plant in her garden.

Ann Taylor, the deacon arrived, just as I was taking Zoe into my car. The phone went and it was another nuisance call.

I was glad to drive off with Zoe for a peaceful hour by the river. She adores running for a ball. Other dogs don't get a look in now, because she loves her ball so much. She remembered yesterday's routine too. What a clever girl. My arm was sore from launching the ball so many times!

Back home and Margaret G had arrived. Ann T was still there.

I went to the Photo Club tonight. There was a talk from the curator at Vindolanda. Our Club is going to do a photo project there and we will have access to the site in order to do this. Trouble is, they want the images by Easter.

We watched last night's Uni Challenge and then I came and made a focus stack.......

Tomorrow should be calmer - I'm going walking.

Oh yes, the boiler went off again.

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