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Meet Daisy (aka Skylar)

Tonight Mum and I drove to Newcastle to meet Oscar and Skylar, twins who are up for adoption through the local charity, Animal Krackers. They are about 8 months old and were found at about 3 months with a sister. She has been adopted already.

These two are still very traumatised from their early life, but are strongly attached to each other. They are also immensely lively. Catching them to put them into baskets proved a tricky business and I have the scratches to prove it. (I've been used to cats who might not like being put in a basket, but who did not scratch and hiss when handled.) These two need a lot of patience to socialise them.

We drove home and they were completely silent. My lounge has been cleared for them with new cat beds in situ. The foster carers are moving to California, so these are their last two foster cats and they donated loads of toys, food and blankets. This will help them feel at home.

We opened the baskets and both cats stayed put, completely motionless. I took this photo of Daisy (we have decided to change her name immediately so she can get used to us talking to her). We've left them alone to explore the environment, but I wish we had a camera in there!

In other news, we have a problem with a walking festival route that is proving difficult to sort out. One section of the walk is in the river and it's hard to find a suitable re-routing. 

I don't know if I will sleep, or whether I will want to creep back and see how our newest residents are doing. My plan to take them to the vet for a check in a couple of days looks unlikely unless I wear industrial gloves and protective clothing when catching them!!!

Watch their progress on Blipfoto.

Thank you all for you hearts and stars for my fisherman at sunset. Despite all the support he did not make it to the popular page. It's a mystery.

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