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By walkingMarj

A special anniversary

Exactly one year ago, we brought Daisy and Oscar home from foster carers for a cat rescue centre. They were a few months old - we don't know how old - and they had been born to a feral mother on a farm. 

They were terrified when they arrived. Daisy ventured out of her basket during the night, but Oscar did not move for 24 hours. He did not eat, drink or do anything else natural! At first they hid behind the piano and Ian, next door, had to come to move it forwards so we could see them. They they lived in the bottom of my wardrobe. 

Progress has been tentative and slow. They now come and go through a cat flap into the conservatory. They take treats from our hands. They like to sleep on fleeces on Mum's bed. They have started to do a bit of rough and tumble play like kittens. Daisy loves to be stroked, but Oscar remains very wary of humans and will not be touched.

Would they sit together and pose? Of course not. They were on the same bed at the time these images were captured.

There was a time when I thought we might not manage to keep them. Oscar lived outside for ages, coming in only to eat, but he is much more relaxed now.

This morning, we had the most glorious frost. The trees were white. It was magical. I drove to Allen Banks expecting more magic, but I was disappointed. The gorge is so protected that there was hardly any frost. It was cold and there was ice at the water's edge. I enjoyed the walk.

By the time I came home, my nose was running - must just be the cold weather I thought. No, I now have all the signs of a streaming cold. This is bad news because we have been working hard to keep the house free of germs so that Mum does not catch a cold. I prepared her meal, but have kept to different rooms.

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