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By walkingMarj

Margret (next door)

I often mention Margret (next door) in my commentaries and here she is. She is a very keen walker, but has been unable to do the distance and pace she used to over the past few years, due to ill health. It is hard to keep her down though. Today we drove to Heavenfield and had a walk over the tops at Fallowfield.

It was bitterly cold but sunny and still. I managed quite well, although I found the pasture land more challenging than tarmac and tracks. We were out for about an hour.

This afternoon, I drove to Haydon Bridge to meet the walkers. Geoff had taken them on quite a tough walk. Everyone was very cheerful and a few drinks were downed in The Railway.

Bookings are coming in quite slowly now, but we have taken the main bulk in the first week. 

PS I can spell. Margret has a German spelling of her name.

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