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By walkingMarj

A pineapple ring AND an egg!

I was at the Crown tonight with Liz and Nick. They usually eat there after they do the Thursday evening shift at our village shop. I always think I'll go, but then I don't make it.

Tonight, Nick chose gammon and I could not resist showing his glee when he saw that there was pineapple AND a fried egg on top.

I had salmon and Liz had chicken. We were all happy with our food. It was quiet in the pub and good to have a catch-up.

It was busy at home today. Margaret (across the road) came at lunchtime. I went out to have my hair cut. Then two of Mum's embroidery friends came to see her, bringing some lovely work in progress. I returned in time to see them at the end of their visit. Liesbeth then arrived to see Mum, bringing snowdrops from the churchyard. Annette was here to clean, but doubled as tea maker in my absence (and even when I came home). What a star.

Funny how the day slips by when you are having lots of visitors fun!

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