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Look who I met?!

Day 2 of the Hearing Aid Saga - yes, there is a second installment!

There were no cancellations in local clinics, so I set off for the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle again. 

This time there were car park spaces. Phew!

As I entered the hospital I heard my name. There was Rob H, waiting for his lift to go home after giving up a cancerous kidney to surgery a few days ago. He was very happy to be blipped.

Up to the Audiology Department and I did have the hearing aid with me today.

You take a ticket and go to the waiting room. There were 7 ahead of me and soon 4 after me. I was the only one who was not in a wheelchair/with a walker/on crutches or sticks.

The TV was on and it was Prime Minister's Questions. The group watched with great attention. The time dragged by. When it was nearly my turn, one of the carers present went to ask if the TV volume could be turned up. Not surprising when those present all had hearing aids, although they were not all wearing them. I thought the TV would be fixed so that the volume could not be high, given that sensitive tests were going on in adjacent rooms.

The technician due to see me was called out and spent over 5 minutes trying to increase the volume or find the subtitles.

Then - wait for it -

I went in.

She changed the battery (which I had done twice for new ones)

And the hearing aid worked.........................

I came home again. I hope you are laughing, just as I was (through clenched teeth).

Nice to see Rob though.

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