An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Let there be Light...

Two weeks tomorrow is officially the last day of the building work.  I can hardly believe we've reached this stage.

I sneaked through to the pool this morning while the guys were having their tea break as it's ages since I've taken a photo through there in day light.   Excited to see all the tiling is finished and the painting has started.   I am  starting to believe they might actually finish on the 17th!

My speech for Saturday night is now definitely complete.  I removed a section and replaced it with something different and I feel it's all the better for it.  I won't touch it again now or I will start fiddling with it and lose confidence in it.

I got exciting news today!  Work on the through floor lift starts on Tuesday and will finish next Thursday, so all being well, this time next week I will be heading upstairs to my own bed for the first time in almost nine months!  

I can't believe I will finally be able to get back upstairs and equally I can't believe I have been sleeping on a sofa for so long!  I can't complain about comfort as it's been very comfortable, but the lack of privacy is a nightmare.   Showering in Alan's bathroom is fine as I am up, showered and dressed before he's awake or his support workers arrive, but using his sitting room as my bedroom is less ideal.    i think once I get upstairs I will stay up there for a week!  David of course, will be tidying like mad between now and Tuesday!  lol

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