A late afternoon promenade

...with my husband. Because we can. We live 10 minutes from the sea, but so often we have to make the time to enjoy it. This afternoon we did just that!

I woke early today, so decided to get up and take my camera out to try and spot an owl. Sadly I didn't see one, but it was a lovely fresh morning and i don't normally see 7.15am at the weekend. I went home, got the dogs and went back out. Home at 8.30 took a cup of tea up to Jon.

Mollie went to work, Henry went to a friends. This left Jon and I the day together. We spent most of it in the garden. Lots of clearing up mainly. I took the extra fencing down from around the chickens pen. Babe, Dots and Minnie don't try to escape like those cockerels did.

At 2.30 we went into Cromer. We went down to the pier to see Mollie and had a really nice pot of tea for two. Then a walk along the front to see the poor damaged beach huts. Two were a pile of broken bits of wood, two were laying on their fronts, many were damaged with broken doors, holes, their contents just piled up inside. Clearly many of the owners haven't been to visit them yet.

We met with Mollie and home for a Morrisons curry for 3. Henry is sleeping over. We have 'Pandemic' set up to play when I've finished blipping, and Trainspotting (£3 from Morrisons) on the dvd. Neither Jon or I have seen it. We are braving watching it with Mollie, although she has been advised against it. Hence the game is running concurrently.

Happy Saturday...

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