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Beauty and the mundane

Monday is bin day. I often have to "borrow" space from Margret (next door). When I took my extra black bag of rubbish, I saw this stunning spider's web on the bin. Note that we put ordinary rubbish in the green bins and recycling in the black. The logic is............

I gave Mark, Margret's son, a lift to the station for his train this morning. Then I popped back home to give Mum breakfast. She is doing well after yesterday's fall, but we decided that she should have a quiet day today.
I headed off to Haltwhistle for our festival committee meeting. The bookings are still wonderful. We checked on progress towards the Spring Festival and then spent time looking at the proposed programme for the Autumn. Geoff has done a great job in putting together some interesting walks for what will be our 30th festival. (Which well-known walker can we get to come and open the festival/speak at a meeting. Open to suggestions.)

Back at home, Stuart, the plumber, was back to check on the boiler. I'm getting rather tired by all this because there are still a few other things that need sorting out. Apparently the boiler is functioning well after the further changes that were made last week. I am trying not to let cynicism creep in!

Time for University Challenge and an early night I think.

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