Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

If I close my eyes, perhaps she will go away!

The catkins came out for a couple of hours this morning, by which time I was tired out from playing with them/observing them/hardly moving in case it spooked them!

They stayed hidden from then until about 8pm tonight. They were sleepy and slow to warm up but then spent time exploring the room in more detail and generally chilling out. They see a touch more relaxed, but as soon as one of us moves they are ready to run. Talk about hypervigilance. It's such a shame.

Daisy is seen in my blip, ignoring the balls I'd rolled for her and trying to go to sleep while sitting up.

Last night, Mum gashed her bad leg and so we had Emergency Ward 10 for a while. I've patched her up, but the wound is deep so may not heal immediately.

It snowed here a lot this morning and the garden looked lovely. The roads remained clear. 

Freddy had a bad day; physio is not his thing!

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