Silly Cat Games

I took this with my phone and started the blip there. Now I'm finishing it on my laptop. Much easier to type here.

The funny mask is a balaclava I ordered for sun protection or cold weather. It was cheap and I couldn't resist it. Mehitabel didn't seem to see any difference in me with the mask on. My lap was as appealing as ever to her.

I was supposed to pick up Arvin's glasses today and take them to Arvin. Sue was going to drive me. But the weather nixed that. We have over three inches of snow here and at Sue's and neither of us wants to chance her having issues getting here and getting me home. So I called Silverado and let them know I'd be coming tomorrow instead. I'm on my own at home and it is really beautiful out.

But I couldn't resist taking a selfie with Mitty in my lap while I looked catlike. Too much fun.

My eye is continuing to heal but I still can only see a blur out of it. I do notice that the level of aqueous humor is growing. I wish I could photograph what I see. It is weirdly abstract and would make a cool photo. But no such luck. 

Quiet day today. Here's to quiet or exciting days to you all, whatever your preference. 

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