Wideangle Wednesday: Leading Lines

Usual trip to Morrisons this morning with my friend Jan.  The weather was nasty - heavy rain and freezing cold.  It was like this for most of the day.

I had a a hairdressers appointment in Newcastle this afternoon.  I had bought a Groupon voucher so it was at a salon I hadn't been to before. I am not keen on having my hair cut.  Its not something I find enjoyable.  However I think Dalton did a good job today.

I did some shopping before getting the bus home - bird food mostly.  The birds seem to be very hungry at the moment.

I also popped in to the Theatre Royal in Grey Street to pick up a ticket.  I decided to take a photo looking down Grey Street for the Wild Angle Wednesday challenge.  The extra theme today is " Leading Lines". Curved leading lines get extra brownie points.  Grey Street does curve but it isn't so obvious in my shot. Thanks to  hobbs for hosting the challenge.

Steps today - 11,645

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