Had an appointment this morning at the Ear,Nose and Throat clinic in the Health Centre in the village.  When I got there I was told they were " running late ".  I actually had to wait for an hour before I was seen.  What a waste of time.  I hadn't taken a book to read so I was bored stiff.  The appointment was just a follow up after the allergy tests I had last year.  I have been " signed off " - just need to take anti-histamines if my symptoms flare up again.

The weather was wet and cold so I didn't linger outdoors for long. Back home for breakfast/lunch. However this afternoon I did go out again.  Wanted to see Neil as its been a while since I have seen him so I got the bus to Aldi, did a bit of shopping then popped in to see Neil at work.  Had a nice catch up.

I am off out again very soon.  MY brother or sister in law will be coming to pick me up and I will spend the evening at their house.  Haven't seen them since before Christmas so it will be good to get all their news.

The Abstract Thursday challenge hosted by Ingeborg  is Love.   Had to do a quick blip so I just took some shots of a red wooden heart and made a collage. 

Steps today - 10,075

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