Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The Abstract Thursday challenge today is " patterns" and fortunately my new colourful doormat was delivered this morning so I was able to use it as my blip.  I took 4 shots and processed them slightly differently. The doormat is from Traidcraft and is crafted from pieces of flip flop material.  Artisans in The Philippines have found an innovative way to minimise waste while creating something beautiful, eco-friendly, practical, and 100% unique.  Great idea eh.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the challenge.

Just an ordinary day today - Morrisons this morning and then this afternoon I walked down to the village to post a parcel.  Looked in the 3 charity shops and got  3 things - 2 tops and a very nice DKNY purse ( for only £2.99 ).

Steps today - 10,401

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