More poet...less pensions?

Unfortunately i was unsuccessful in an interview last week. My pensions expertise appears to be evaporating...or something, and after 30 years in pensions, I'm not sure how much more I can learn. i think its time to focus on other things. Perhaps the poetry, or other writing. Perhaps crafts; card making, jewellery, sewing? There really isn't time for all of them, and a full time job!!

I've been thinking about the caravan today & planning in my head some interesting weekends away. It's exciting. Roll on slightly warmer weather. We will collect the caravan in a few weeks. So something to look forward to.

At lunchtime I had a wander. First to the heart foundation shop. They have televisions for sale, second hand & 'old' style (fat) ones for £5. £5!!!!! I want one that is £15. It is a small portable. Luckily, (for Jon) it is too heavy for me to get home on the bus!!

I also went to pound land and bought some craft paper and these tiny pegs. So one card made this evening, while I watched the pottery programme.

Jon and Mollie will be home late tonight. I'm really grateful to Manda for looking after Mollie this week, and running her around. Hopefully it has been a useful experience. Jon is bringing his bees home. The last thing that was still living in our garden at Wandlebury. I hope no one had messed about with them. They are going to live on an allotment in Cromer.

I'm going to wait up for Jon. A few rows of my knitting perhaps..

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