Ralph helping

That time of the week that I hate, when the shopping has to be put away. But hooray...a helper!! Well, a little bit of purring company anyway.

I've been flat out to get up to date at work before my week off. I practically succeeded but it's not that kind of job. I was reasonable pleased with how I've left it, and hope my colleagues won't have anything too onerous to pick up next week. As there are only 8 hours in a working day, as they say, then I can only do so much.

Shopped in Tesco on my way home. Still not happy. I guess I go back to square one and try Morrison's next week. I really want a few bits from each shop, and that isn't practical. Last week the bananas from Lidl have been awful. So it continues to be a weekly chore I hate.

Henry and Jon have gone off to scouts. They will be there all weekend. I'm off to the loft after this to seek out photos from way back when. Venture scout days are what I'm looking for, and any with Jim in. He didn't like to be centre of attention, but I'm sure I have some up there. Jenny and the kids have done an amazing job in a week to organise his funeral. There has been such a huge outpouring of love on Facebook, I'm sure he would be quite overwhelmed. But there was absolutely nothing not to like about him, so I am not surprised that everyone feels this depth of loss that we all feel.

It has been a long week, and my mind hasn't stopped going over everything, time and time again. And so it will continue to.

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