Weekend get together

I gave myself a lie in today. Thinking of all the jobs I had to do before Claire arrived eventually got me up! After breakfast I took Bracken up the lane for a muddy walk. Then after a bit of cleaning, and a load of washing done, I took some charity shop bit in to Cromer. I bought three 'really useful' boxes to put my photos in. Having gone through lots of my photos this week, I realised it is time I put them in some kind of order.

Home and I did some cleaning, before Claire arrived at 1.30. So lovely to see her. It has been a long time since ive seen any Linton people. We proceeded to talk. Quite a lot! It was drizzly outside, but after a couple of hours we wrapped up and went in to Sheringham for a walk about. Still talking.

This evening we have watched the film The Danish Girl. We decided it was a film our men would probably not be interested in, and neither of us had seen it. It was interesting. Different. We enjoyed it. We did chat a bit through it too!

It is still raining. That always seems the way when I have friend to stay. Hopefully it will be dry in the morning and we can enjoy a walk!

It had to be a selfie photo. My scabby face is healing now, but still not overly attractive!

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