Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

The roses continue to delight

On 26th January an enormous bouquet of roses arrived for Mum, sent by my cousin Margaret and her husband, Peter,  in Australia. They have been wonderful and have done much better than roses usually do for me. Three vases have filled our house with colour.

They are inevitably going over, but I think they are still beautiful. I want to photograph them before it is too late. I used some chiffon scarves over a black backdrop and then a 6 image focus stack to create my desired depth of field.

Mum was tired after her jaunt to Durham, but was able to go to have a haircut in Hexham this morning. I shopped while she was chopped and coiffed. This afternoon, we went to Corbridge to the Hearing Aid Clinic. The silent hearing aid was mended in less than 5 minutes by the delightful Rosalyn. She put new tubing on and new filters inside, so the hearing aids have had an MOT.

Only Connect tonight.

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