tete a tete opening :)

I haven't had a very good day at work as I'm having trouble concentrating in such a big office and lots of noise and chatter going on.  ThenI  had to drive home in blizzard like conditions (though the snow wasn't settling).  20 miles through pouring snow on country roads is horrible....  Really strange that it wasn't snowing at home at all when I got here, but it is now.

I went to the supermarket tonight so I won't have to be up early in the morning, and I'm looking forward to the lie in (though I reckon a certain cat won't let me lie in)....

Before seeing the snow today, I was planning to go walking at one of the National Trust homes near to me, but now that's in doubt if its very icy and too cold, so it might be a canalside blip instead

So very glad to be home for the weekend and already in pjs, sofa surfing! 

Happy Friday folks :)

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